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My Boring Life

External Services:
  • dazed_girl@livejournal.com
I am:
34 years old
Psychologically androgynous
An atypical female
Directionally Confused
On the Autistic Spectrum
An extreme introvert
Obsessed with adventure games
A bit of a nonconformist
Happy to be who I am
A worrier
Still a child
Reader of fantasy
An Aromantic Asexual
An Enneagram Type 5w4 sp/so/sx and MBTI type INTJ

I have:
Social Anxiety Disorder(self-diagnosed in 2003)
Asperger's Syndrome (officially diagnosed December 15th, 2009)
Schizoid tendancies
PCOS(polycystic ovary syndrome) with Insulin Resistance
Hypotonia(low muscle tone)
Been known to hate reality in favor of fantasy

Friend me if you like what you've read in my journal. Don't friend me if you plan to harrass me. And please no spam in commenting!

My YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/toonie85
My Goodreads account: http://www.goodreads.com/ghostgurl
My Flixster account: http://www.flixster.com/user/dinodiva717
My Twitter profile: http://www.twitter.com/edog85

Some things to note regarding my journal:

List of characters(People)who appear in my entries(Watch for updates!):

Jenny(My aunt and my dad's sister)
Doug(My uncle and Jenny's husband)
Rita(My uncle's mom)
Grammy(My grandma and my dad's mom)
Joan(My mom's friend)
Donna(My mom's friend and neighbor)
Eric(Donna's husband)
Vanessa(My friend, who I sometimes consider my ex-friend)
Jennifer(My other friend and Joan's daughter)
Jessica(Joan's daughter)
Julia(Joan's daughter)
Kourtnei(My brother's girlfriend)
Tom (my uncle and my dad's and Jenny's brother)
Roberta (Tom's wife)
Kevin, Sherri, Chris, Matthew, Nicholas, and Chelsea (Tom and Roberta's kids and my cousins. Kevin and Sherri are adopted as far as I know)
Past and current pet rats: Jax, Scooter, Perry (RIP), Westley, Alex, Freddy, Remy (RIP), Spencer (RIP), and Franklin
Luke(Our pet dog)
Dave (online friend)

I never mention any of my immediate family's names, nor my own, for our own privacy.

Some terms you may come across, but not understand in my entries(watch for updates!):

We(When I say the word "we" more than 90% of the time I'm referring to my mom and I. The other 10% of the time I'm referring to my family and I or my mom, Grammy and I. Most of the time it's just my mom and I though.)
gf(It means girlfriend if you didn't already know.)
Adventure Games(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure_games)
Mission Viejo(My hometown. I've been here all my life.)
CWG(Conversations With God book series by Neale Walsh. It's a revolutionary series which changed my perspective on life.)
SAS(Social Anxiety Support. It's a forum for social anxiety disorder.)
Grab Bag (I'm referring to my pile of unread books)
SBCG4AP(Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People-An episodic adventure series based on the characters and stories of homestarrunner.com)

"soap", 1985, 80s, 80s rock music, abandonia, abandonware, adventure games, age of empires ii, age of mythology, american mcgee's alice, androgyne, androgyny, anime, anxiety disorders, asexual, asexuality, asperger's syndrome, atypical female, autism, autism spectrum, azumanga daioh, batman, bill nighy, brendan fraser, browsing on the internet, chocolate, christian bale, classic rock, conversations with god, danny elfman, david hasslehoff, dc comics, def leppard, dinosaurs, disney, disneyland, drawing, dream interpretation, dreams, driving phobia, dumbo, engrish, existentialism, fantasy, fantasy books, fictional characters, gender neutral, ghosts, goonies, grim fandango, harry potter, heath ledger, hedonism, hypotonia, in living color, insulin resistance, intj, introverts, intrusive thoughts, jim henson, keane, king's quest, kung pow, led zeppelin, ligyrophobia, lost, manga, marvel comics, mental disorders, michael jackson, movies, muppets, musicals, my little pony, mythology, nihilism, nonconformity, ocd, paranormal, paul bettany, pink floyd, polycystic ovary syndrome, psychology, pure o, rats, red hot chili peppers, rock music, scrubs, sliders, social anxiety, sociology, soulbonders, soulbonding, soulbonds, star trek, star trek voyager, starseeds, steve buscemi, stimming, stoicism, superheroes, survivor, sword of truth, tears for fears, the doors, the joker, the land before time, the longest journey, the shins, therians, tim burton, type 5, unico, visual thinking, welcome to the nhk, wolves