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Beat The Game

Yes, I already finished Beat the Game. It wasn't even two hours long. I spent about 80 minutes on it. Probably would have been less if I wasn't ambling around. This was a really weird game. You play as a guy who is speeding along on his hover bike when he crashes in the middle of the desert. And then he's looking for new tunes to compose a song, and that is basically your goal. There are only a couple of locations, but it's mainly spent in the desert, which is a very weird and surreal place with flying geometric shapes, a giant alien gliding on the sand, and other strange structures and statues. None of it made any sense lol. You have a scanner to scan for sounds to collect the beats. Once you collect them all, then you put on a show for these weird dancing creatures.

Yeah, this is really strange to write right now. You can also change the area from day to night to get even more sounds. You have an inventory, which just gets used automatically when needed, and just walking up to the different objects often leads to a brief cutscene. I ended up not using all the items in my inventory. Most of the time I was just wandering around not really knowing what I was doing, but I did manage to find all the sounds. The last one gave me the most trouble, but I got it eventually. Forgot to mention you can play around with the beats in a mixer, so you can kind of compose your own music and that sets what you hear in the background. I'm not a genius when it comes to this though, and it didn't do as much for me as it would your talented beat mixer. They might get more out of this game then I did. At the end of the game, there is a bit of a music puzzle, which took me a few tries to get it right probably because I don't have the best reaction time. It's not super difficult though. After that puzzle the game is over and I'm left wondering what I just played.

It does have fantastic animation though. Maybe that's why it was so short. All the budget was spent on that. The design of the guy makes me think somehow of Psychonauts. I haven't played that game, but that's what the character made me think of. Maybe it's because he wears a similar outfit, which you'll see in a second. Yeah, this game was really out there, and it was too short for me to be fully on board with it, but I didn't hate it either. OK, now for the screenshot. And I think that about sums it up.

Next I'm going to be starting The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I've been wanting to play more Phoenix Wright again, it's just that I know they are really long games and so they take me a while to complete. I think I played the first two or three I think. I don't remember anymore. Maybe someday I'll go back to them again. This however is not about Phoenix Wright, it's set in the past and about his ancestor, who strongly resembles him. And I noticed some of the other characters look familiar too. But since I've only played the first couple in the Phoenix Wright series, I'm hoping this doesn't spoil future games. I wouldn't think so except maybe certain characters I might not have met yet, that may be like clones of those characters. Anyway, if it does, oh well. I'm excited about this though. I think it's two games in one that already came out a while ago, but I think this might be the first time one of these games has been ported to PC? It's an obvious port, so I'm not sure how well it's going to play, but I'm looking forward to it. This is also going to take me a long time to complete, so if I'm not seen on this blog for a while, that's probably why.
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