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Dentist and My Birthday

I had a dentist cleaning appointment on Thursday. It had been a long time. My mom and I were actually supposed to go way back in February 2020, but my mom kept putting off making an appointment. Sometimes her anxiety seems to be worse than mine. Of course you know what happened shortly after: pandemic. So, we put it off some more, but then of course had dental issues that needed to be taken care of anyway. Shortly after I got a filling replaced back in December, I noticed I was having some discomfort on that side when eating or sometimes just randomly. It was not usually a huge issue. If I had pain, it was slight, and I really didn't want to go back to the dentist a third time. So I decided to wait until I was fully vaccinated and then began begging my mom to make a cleaning appointment. I figured whatever issue I may have would be addressed when they did the x-rays. Finally my mom made an appointment for us in June, but they couldn't get me in until July 15th.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I got my cleaning done. It wasn't too bad, not too much hardcore scraping. And I brought up the tooth issue. I thought it was chipped and it appears I was right. The dentist thought it was the same one he had just filled, but no it is the tooth behind that one. What are the odds of that? Again I noticed this maybe in January? But then again, I'm sure both these fillings were done around the same time, so they probably failed around the same time. It's strange that it always seems to be the right side though. I never seem to have issues with the left side. I do have fillings over there too. Maybe I chew more on the right side? Anyway, so now this filling has to be replaced. Wonderful. I couldn't get in until August 10th due to my mom's schedule with physical therapy appointments for her hips and thumb, and well I guess the dentist office may be busy too. But at least it will finally be taken care of as much as I hate always being drilled on all the time. Maybe I finally won't have any problems for a while. I continue to say that, but it seems that every year there is a problem. I don't have any cavities though I guess, or I suppose the dentist would have mentioned it when he looked at the x-rays.

Of course it was also my birthday yesterday. I didn't remember to share a list here, but I'll get to the gifts near the end. I got the idea to first go to the bookstore in the morning. Makes sense, since it's something I love to do. I only intended on getting one or two books and left with four. :P One of the books I was looking for has eluded me a couple times. I knew it was in stock because I checked online first. I couldn't find it until I happened to stumble across it out of place in the sci-fi section rather than fantasy. That book is Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne. I actually have the first book in his other series, The Faithful and The Fallen, which is called Malice, but I haven't read it yet. I do have a good feeling about him though. I've heard his books are like Joe Abercrombie, whom I love, so there you go. I got his other book almost just because of the badass dragon on the cover, which is my weakness. :P The other books I got were Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse (Read the first two books of her Sixth World series and loved them. Sad there aren't any more out right now), The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart (Also heard great things about this one), and the sci-fi classic Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Yep, now that I can go back to the bookstore, it's back to out of control buying of books again. :P But it was my birthday too. After that, we picked up Taco Bell to bring home for lunch.

Then I wanted to go to the Fisherman's Restaurant in San Clemente on the pier for dinner. We hadn't been there in a long time, and I knew they had good food. We got there around 5:30. I would have wanted to get there earlier, but my mom called the restaurant and they said it was a good time to come because most people come later. They don't take reservations. My dad dropped my mom, grammy, my brother and I off while he went to find a parking spot. That's the only thing, finding parking is terrible unless you want to pay. He ended up having to park quite a ways up the hill. The restaurant told us the wait would be about 35 to 40 minutes. OK, so we'd walk down to the end of the pier and just hang out. They would call my mom when the table was ready. Grammy didn't walk with us I guess because the pier is too uneven. Lately she hasn't been able or willing to walk too far since her hip surgery. We took her to Dana Point a little while ago, and she couldn't do too much walking. After our trip to the end of the pier, we came back and waited and waited and waited some more. My mom checked with the restaurant again, and at first they said they were waiting for a table big enough for the five of us. I mean it's kind of a small seating area, at least by width, so it wouldn't be easy to have a large party eating dinner there. I didn't think we were a big party though. My mom checked again, and they said five more minutes. We eventually went and sat at a table in front of the restaurant. My mom checked again and this time they said they were clearing off the table. Finally shortly after they called. We were waiting for over an hour for our table! It's not like they forgot us during all this time either. Somehow they were able to keep track of all the names.

Even though we were waiting a long time, it was fine. All things considered, it wasn't THAT late. And the food was pretty good. I enjoyed most of it. We decided to order what they called feasts. It's a four course meal for two, and we ordered the swordfish feast and the salmon feast. They included clam chowder, salad, two buckets of clams (that seemed bottomless), and the two fish, which came with rice pilaf and veggies. It was a lot of food and that wasn't including our basket of sourdough bread. We took a lot of the food home. Of course we saved room for dessert. I got a hot fudge brownie with ice cream, my dad got a slice of carrot cake, and my brother got crème brulee. It was a long dinner and by the time we got home, it was late, and I hadn't even opened my presents yet.

The presents felt like Christmas time for me, for the amount I got. So on my list was a new water bottle because my old one tended to have leakage issues. I have some mixed feelings about this new one, but I suppose it's OK and it's leak proof. I also got a new cover for my Kindle because my old one is worn out, and a new belt, again it's replacing a worn belt. I also asked for this book called Dreams of the Dying by Nicolas Lietzau, which I first heard about on Booktube. It's a cool looking book and I think is based on or inspired by a mod for Skyrim, so that's interesting. It has a lot of cool things in there like illustrations. It just seems to be a well thought out world, and I just had to have it. Not on my list, my mom got me this cool dragon comforter. I remembered a while back we were trying to figure out what Grammy could get me for last Christmas, so we ended up looking at comforters. That didn't happen though, so I guess my mom just decided to get me one for my birthday. :) It also came with two pillowcases. From Grammy I got a $50 Visa gift card. That was pretty generous I thought. I've never used one of these, so I guess my mom will have to help me figure out how to activate and use it and everything. I will likely use it to buy games. I didn't get anything from my brother. Not even a card, but I'm not one to complain about that.

While I've been having sleep troubles, so I was feeling exhausted yesterday, I ultimately thought I had a good birthday and was looking forward to it.
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