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I finished Contradiction last night. How is it that I played two Phoenix Wright style games in a row after playing Phoenix Wright? It's merely coincidental.

So, in this one you play as Inspector Jenks who is investigating the mysterious death of a college student. It's set in the UK, and it's FMV, so real actors and real locations. It reminded me somewhat of Gabriel Knight 2, which was also FMV, but not only that, there's some similar occult themes as well. I'm sure the developers were probably influenced by Gabriel Knight. So, there's the occult stuff going on, hypnosis, obviously some underground drug dealing, and a shady business course. Just when you think you're about to uncover this huge conspiracy, which is very interesting, nothing really comes of it. And it all just comes back to the dead college student. All the other weird stuff was just a consequence of Jenks's investigation apparently. What? It's a little disappointing, I never found out what was really going on. And it's clear that Jenks wanted to investigate them further too, although at the risk of his own life lol. What I got instead was sequel bait in the end credits. A sequel that may never even come. *Sigh* Regardless, I still enjoyed this game very much. I find FMV entertaining. I did get some funny acting as promised. Jenks over-exaggerated expressions and enthusiam, especially when he showed people his inventory items, is fun. The game was a pretty good length.

As for the gameplay, it's pretty casual. The keyboard commands are pretty odd and there didn't seem to be any way to change them, or I'm just clueless. I did get used to them within a day or two though. Much of the game just involves traveling around town, talking to people, collecting pieces of information and clues. There's a couple of puzzles, but they are mainly just getting into locked doors. During the conversations with people, their statements are saved in a notes feature and it is here where you have to look for the contradictions. After a while as you receive more and more information, it makes for more and more statements to weed through and sometimes I couldn't really be bothered. But in order to progress you have to find those contradictions because it gives you new information or a new clue or object to discuss. It wasn't always easy to find what was contradictory (for me anyway), but I enjoyed doing it. I enjoyed calling people out on their BS. :P

The characters range from being ordinary to eccentric to creepers. I like that James guy. I know he wasn't using those poppy pods just for decoration, but I couldn't probe him about it unfortunately. I guess it just wasn't relevant to the case. However, obviously there is something big going on here and my mind likes to spin theories, but they will only be addressed if a sequel comes out. Still, fun game.

I didn't make a gameplay video, though I easily could of. Anyway, here's a screenshot. Sometimes Jenks would put that mask to his face and...lol

Now, more gaming stuff. Obviously I'm going back to Phoenix Wright again as promised. The second game is called Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, and I suspect it will be another long haul like the last game and once again I'll break things up with other games. I can't play the Phoenix Wright series straight through. It's just too much. Luckily I'm not burnt out on the investigative genre though.

The final episode of Game of Thrones comes out on Tuesday. I'll be away at Disneyland again most likely on that day, so I'll get to it when I get to it. And apart from other episodic series I'm waiting on, there is also Fallout 4. I know it's already out, but I'm going to wait for Christmas. I'll get it then for sure. And once that comes out, I'll be dropping whatever I happen to be playing at the time (which will probably still be Phoenix Wright) with the exclusion of the episodic series. I'll still play those, but I fully intend to spend countless hours on Fallout 4 lol. Main quests, side quests, you name it. And my "adventure games to play" list will likely get to be a mile long during this period, but them's the breaks. I can't wait.

Also, I almost forgot, I've been dabbling in a little Minecraft at night. TellTale inspired me. I only play on Creative Mode though, and I don't really build anything. I'm not very good at that. I'm much better at destroying stuff actually. I wonder what that says about me. :P so I just run around doing random stuff and it's fun. Like for example, I plan on burying a bunch of cows in a hole next lol. I can see why people would get addicted to this game. I'll probably keep it on my computer until I run out of things to do or become bored.
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